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    How is classpath managed

    Colin Yates Newbie


      I have an EAR file that contains a WAR file and an EJB (jar) file.

      Both of them need access to common utilities.

      I do not want to put common.jar outside of the ear file because hot deploy will fail.

      The only way I can get it to work is if the EAR file contains common.jar and the WAR file contains common.jar.

      I have tried to set the Class-Path in MANIFEST.MF but it is ignored.

      I could live with this but if I hot deploy the ear file then I *always* get a classnotfound the *2nd* time I deploy it. This is obviously a bug within JBOSS because if I restart JBOSS it works consistently.

      So, my question is; where do I put common.jar and what should my MANIFEST.MF look like!


      Colin Yates