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    Has any one successfully install PetStore

    Anthony Servito Newbie

      I am having problem following the installation instruction. I was wondering if someone can provide an easy to follow instructions.

      I'm not sure if the instruction in the site is out of date, or bug in ant script - that rebuild the pet store, or the jboss(JBoss-2.4.3_Tomcat-3.2.3.zip) deployment is not working.

      Also, CloudScape's seem to hard code its port in the code. I tried changing the startup batch file to the suggested port - it doesn't work. I tried hacking it by changing the Jboss JNDI port into something else, it still fail (Is the jboss jndi port hard coded in the system as well?).

      Note: I've use the Pet Store patch as recommended by the instruction.

      Thanks for the help!