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    Extending Richfaces DataTableTag

    Kalai Selvan Nadar Newbie

      Hello Guys,

      I am using Richfaces-3.1.3.GA. As part of our requirement i have to customize some of the tags provided by richfaces. To start with i want to add an additional attribute to dataTable tag. I searched through the source code, but I didn't got DataTableTag.java in the source. Where can I find this file (and the remaining *Tag.java files)?

      And also i tried to do a complete build following the steps given in - "http://labs.jboss.com/wiki/HowToBuildRichFacesSnapshotManually". But when I ran mvn install, it downloads lot of libraries from internet. Is there any way to avoid this? As many of these sites blocked by firewall the build fails. Please let me know if any alternative solution available to do a complete build (if possible in detail as I am very new maven build process).

      Thanks in Advance.