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    install problem: crash on Hypersonic startup

    Raynier van Egmond Newbie

      Hi All,

      being new to the JBoss field I hope there is someone that show me in the right direction to solve this problem.

      When I try to start up a new install of 2.3/4 both crash with the following message:
      [HypersonicDatabase] Starting
      [Default] java.lang.IllegalAccessError: try to access class org.hsqldb.Database from class org.hsqldb.Embedded_Server
      [Default] at org.hsqldb.Embedded_Server.run(Embedded_Server.java:151)
      [Default] at org.hsqldb.Embedded_Server.access$0(Embedded_Server.java:101)
      [Default] at org.hsqldb.Embedded_Server$1.run(Embedded_Server.java:247)
      [Default] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:484)

      The system seems stalled because after a Ctrl-C it will shutdown properly(?).

      Not getting out of the starting blocks somewhat hinders my self-reliance in trouble-shooting here, so any help would be appreciated.

      Rene van Egmond
      Seattle (WA) USA