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    Corrupt database after redeploy

    Erik Turesson Novice

      I am using JBoss 3.0.0.alpha.
      I use the "built in" Hypesonic database and I have not done any specific configurating of the system.

      I start with an empty database and deploy my CMP2.0 beans. I initiate my system with some example data. This works fine for me. The problem is when I create a new .ear file and copy it to the deploy directory. JBoss "redeploys" the file fine, but now my database is corrupt. Sometimes it is empty, but most of the times it is totaly corrupt and the only solution is to stop JBoss and startover with a clean database.

      It is a bit boring to have to do this each time I build a new .ear file, this happens very often during development.

      What is wrong?

      /Erik Turesson

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          David Jencks Master

          I'd ask this on the persistence forum. What does "corrupt" mean? Can you access the db using the hypersonic viewer? Does this occur if you undeploy your ear, then deploy it? Are you having cmp2 create and/or drop your db tables?

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            Erik Turesson Novice

            Now I have made some more testing.
            I have also managed to use MySQL with the same problem.

            What I mean with corrupt is that JBoss tells that it cant find an object with primary key this and primary key that. The object does not exist. I get tons of exceptions when accessing my beans.

            I can look at the database using some other tool and it looks ok.

            I have cmp2 create of my dbtables, not drop.
            It occures if i start jboss when the database is not totaly clean or if a redeploy me ear using the automatic deploy. If I undeploy my ear or not I realy do not know. I use the standard configuration of 3.0