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    network traffic overload

    Marc Guldimann Newbie

      we are using jboss with a java-client.
      we have tested the solution locally and it performs great.
      we have tested the solution via an 64kbit/sec connection, and it works extremely poor!
      we have analized the network traffic and found out, that the directory-structure of the jboss installation directory on the server is submitted very often (from 60k submitted, ~50K = directoy information).
      i have been looking for a parameter to switch of this behavior, but i cannot find one.
      i dont see a reason why this directory-info should be transmitted so often.

      any ideas how to omit this info from transmitting?

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          Adrian Brock Master


          This is a known problem with

          This class allows serialised objects to be passed over
          the network and if the client doesn't have the class
          for the object, rmi will retrieve the class from the

          However, the data passed to allow rmi to perform this
          operation can get very large.

          We are looking at different mechanisms that will avoid
          using MarshalledObjects but this is still a Work in


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            Franco Apprentice


            Witch classes, Application or JBoss classes ?

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              Adrian Brock Master


              All classes.

              One possible solution to this problem is to sub-class
              Object(Input/Output)Stream to include a ClassLoader
              that can talk back to the server when the class is
              not available locally.

              This avoids having use MarshalledObjects, and only
              classes not available in the client are download
              from the server.

              Currently all objects have to be "marshalled" just
              in case the client doesn't know about the its class.