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    Tomcat index OK, servlets/jsps not

    Yoav Shapira Newbie

      Hi there,
      I downloaded the jboss2.4.3-tomcat4.0 bundle today, and, running using the run_with_catalina.sh script, can go to http://localhost:8080 and see the tomcat index.html page. However, when I try to run the servlet and JSP examples, they don't work.

      I get an error 404, page not found, for both http://localhost:8080/examples/servlets

      Why is this the case? Is it related to having a tomcat-test.ear for the default context and no ear file for the examples context?

      (By the way, I couldn't even get this far with the jboss2.4.4-tomcat4.0.1 bundle)

      Thanks in advance,

      Yoav Shapira
      Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.