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    Difference between <instance-pool> and <instance-cache>

    Deepak Hathwar Newbie

      I would appreciate very much if someone could clear these confusions.

      1. According to JBOSS manual, the <instance-pool> tag specifies the pool of beans that are not associated with a Context whereas, <instance-cache> tag specifies bean instances that are associated with a context. However, according to EJB1.1 specifications, when a bean instance is created it is supposed to be in the pooled state with an EntityContext associated with it and when a bean is in the ready state, the EntityContext takes on a new meaning and also, it is associated with an EJBObject.

      My question is does <instance-cache> refer to bean instances that are currently associated with an EJBObject?

      2. The next question is a follow up on the previous one. In the <container-configurtion> should the for <container-pool-conf> be greater than <max-capacity> specified in the <cache-policy-conf> ?