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    Problem compiling jboss-3.0.0alpha on Windows

    Sven Boden Newbie

      Yesterday I retrieved the CVS snapshot of "jboss-all" on a Windows ME system. When I ran the build.bat from the main build directory I got nothing but errors: bad commands, syntax errors all the way.

      I got jboss to recompile by rewriting large parts of the build.bat script, ant.bat and lcp.bat (the last 2 from the /tools/bin directory).

      So is everyone only compiling jboss on a UNIX system? Or am I doing something very wrong?

      In the end I got jboss running from the source except for some errors deploying "MEJB" (wrong return for create) and shutting down which doesn't seem to work (I can't find the shutdown service on, the shutdown.bat script doesn't work either.