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    Is this a bug? a4j:actionparam with rich:tooltip in Demo Exa

    ibuchh Newbie

      We have seen the example of a4j:actionparam being used with rich:tooltip in file withTable.xhtml under tooTip directory in the demo examples.

      <rich:toolTip direction="top-right" mode="ajax" delay="30" styleClass="tooltip" immediate="true" layout="block">
      <a4j:actionparam name="key" value="#{row}" assignTo="#{toolTipData.currentVehicleIndex}" />

      But this is not working even in the demo-examples download. It does not set the value of currentVehicleIndex attribute in bean toolTipData as if we use:
      <h:outputText value="make:" /><h:outputText value="#{toolTipData.currentVehicleIndex}", it still prints the original value of -1 on the page not the one that of the vehicle that mouse points to.

      Could the devlopers check it out as we need this feature. However a4j:actionparam works ok with a4j:commandLink.

      --Irshad A. Buchh
      Senior Principal Consultant