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    JBoss on MultiHomed machine

    Peter Davies Newbie

      We have JBoss installed on a machine with 2 interfaces. One interface is public, the other is private. JBoss binds to and listens on both interfaces. JBoss picks up it's IP address as the private interface. When a client connects via EJB, JBoss returns the IP that it thinks it is. This causes a failed connection. To go through the sequence, a client connects to the public IP. JBoss returns the private IP and the client tries to reconnect to the private IP but fails. Is there a solution to this problem? Perhaps is there a way to tell JBoss which IP to return? BTW- Weblogic does not have this problem as it does not appear to return the IP, however, other EJB containers we have used have behaved similiarly to JBoss. Suggestions?