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    jboss.xml and standardjboss.xml

    Jim Newbie


      Tomcat3.2.3+Jboss2.4.1 on SuSE Linux 7.2 against PostgreSQL 7.

      In jboss.xml, can I choose to override a particular setting in standardjboss.xml while having all the others still apply - without having to duplicate the 'others'?

      i.e. given the following jboss.xml file:


      <resource-managers />





      ... can I safely assume that the standardjboss.xml's Standard CMP EntityBean

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          Martin Vilcans Newbie

          I'm replying to an old post here, but I just got the same problem.

          I thought standardjboss.xml was supposed to contain the defaults, so jboss.xml just has to override the settings that you want to change, but it doesn't work that way as far as I can see.

          Is this a bug or are you supposed to write a complete <container-configuration> for each configuration?