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    Strange 2 hour hang of JBoss

    Mike Squance Newbie


      We have been experiencing an usual problem in our test environment with JBoss2.4.1_Tomcat3.2.3 running on an Alpha UNIX machine.

      About once every 1-2 days, the JBoss server will hang and cannot be accessed through JMX or anything else. After 2 hours, it releases and appears to continue as if nothing had happened. There are no error messages related to a transaction timeout or anything like that (our transaction timeout is 5 minutes).

      We have a simulator that publishes text messages every 15 minutes and there is a message driven bean that processes these messages. I have trace showing the start and end of onMessage and generally the hang happens between the start and end. During onMessage, XML is decoded using JDOM and data is written to an Oracle database, as well as a new JMS message being published.

      There is no indication of any problems with the Oracle database and even if it was that, it should only block the MDB thread and not the entire process.

      Is anyone aware of any magical 2 hour timeout periods? Is there anything that could hang the whole process? Could it be a JVM problem?

      Any thoughts would be appreciated.