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    Multiple deployments of same application

    Lars Bjønnes Newbie

      I've ran into a problem, and I find it kind of hard to explain, but I'll give it a try:

      We have an J2EE-application deployed as an ear-archive. The app consists of a servlet which accepts and sends XML to the clients. The servlet accesses a few EJBs through a facade. The database is Postgresql. The servlet is mapped to http://ourserver/application

      Now we have to deploy the same application for multiple customers in the same JBoss-instance. For security and privacy reasons the applications cannot access the same database.

      I'd like to be able to:
      * Create the usual ear-archive (non-customer-specific)
      * Change the mapping of the servlet to
      * Change the the datasource in jboss.xml to
      a customer specific datasource
      * Change the name of the ear to application-customer.ear
      * Deploy it

      If I do the above can I deploy multiple instances of the same ear (ie. just change the name of the ear and do the above edits in the config-files) without risking trouble with caching of beans etc.

      Since the beans are defined as ejb/ (ie. ejb/user) etc., will they interfere with each other, so I can risk getting customer A's data in Customer B's application etc?