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    404 Error with Jboss and Jetty

    Mark Newbie

      I've got the latest Jboss/jetty package installed, but when I run jboss/bin/run.sh jetty,

      I can see

      but not

      as the online manual states. When I run jetty by itself, I can see all the jetty documents at localhost:8080 just fine, but not localhost:8080/jboss of course, because jboss isn't running. Anyone know what the problem might be?


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          Mark Newbie

          Nevermind--I found the answer. For anyone else with the same problem, look in the jboss/conf/jetty directory and edit jetty.xml. Uncomment the large section that goes to about the end of the document and restart jboss with jetty. That did the trick for me.