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    Steven Segers Newbie

      Our JBoss-process was stopped with a core-dump on our production-machine (AIX 4.3.3). Does anyone have any idea as to what could cause something like this?
      One thing I am thinking of is that a thread we start ourselves could be causing a problem. The spec says you can't do that and we have been meaning to fix it but we figured that it would not really be a problem. Is it?

      SIGILL 4 (*) illegal instruction (not reset when caught)
      si_signo [4]: SIGILL: (*) illegal instruction (not reset when caught)
      si_errno [0]: Error 0
      si_code [30]: ILL_ILLOPC [addr: 0x0]

      Writing java dump to /d4/usr/jboss/2.4.4/bin/javacore20096.1012826655.txt... OK