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    JBOSS2.4.4 freezes on Win2000 + MSSQL JDK1.3.1 for more than

    Colin Yates Newbie


      I am running JBOSS2.4.4+Jetty on Win2000 using MSSQL. As soon as I connect more than 3 users JBOSS just freezes. This happens within a couple of seconds of concurrent access.
      No errors, nothing. I cannot CNTRL+C or get any reponse from it at all. The only thing I can do is use the task manager to close it.

      Any ideas how I can chase this down? I have turned on debugging etc., but it doesn't help. It doesn't freeze in one consistent place either. Sometimes after the DB has logged in, sometimes after.

      Please help ASAP as I have to deploy the application to the customer at the end of the week (Monday next week actually)!!!