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    JBOSS and IIS

    Bruce Browning Newbie

      Is it possible to use JBOSS as the servlet/jsp engine for IIS? I just started checking out JBOSS and I was just wondering.

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          Mike Newbie

          Uhmmm....JBoss is a J2EE container, mostly for EJB's. If you want an servlet/ejb container for IIS I would suggest Tomcat on it's own (see the faq at the jakarta site for info). If you want EJB functionality I would suggest jboss-tomcat combo, which doesn't really need another webserver in front of it. If you do want a webserver out front to serve static content, I would suggest an Apache-jboss-tomcat combination as explained in the faq-forum and in a gargantuan post on the httpd/jsp/servlet forum.

          IIS is fairly insecure. Apache can be sewn up tight as a drum and is free (for both *nix and Windows or any other OS it supports). Try it...