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    External Entity / DTD Repository ?

    Luke Studley Newbie

      Does anyone know the 'approved' way of re-directing XML DTD references to a local pool?

      E.g. when you try to load an EAR which points to a DTD on a Sun site, but your machine is not connected to the internet, then deployment fails. This situation also occurs in other situations - but the effect is the same - no deployment.

      I have seen a couple of solutions posted:
      1. Remove the DOCTYPE declaration completely. Not sure of any side effects of this however where you may want to differentiate between 2.3/2.2 webapps or 1.2/1/3 J2ee apps.
      2. One enterprising soul re-named (or equivalent) his local apache server as java.sun.com and added the required files beneath. [Big respect!]

      I know there are a couple of XML intiatives under way to standardize re-directing refs to External entities, also I have overriden them myself by adding an EntityResolver to the JAXP parser which reads the XML doc. But I could find no ref. to a method to apply this to JBoss?

      If nobody has any nice way to do this I guess I am going to have to hack the ejb-jar/web/application.xml files - but this is a real pain when you use XDoclet and other auto-gen tools.

      Go - on somebody point me to the incredibly useful MBean property I have missed on the J2eeDeployer or somesuch.

      Please help!!