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    Mark Polman Newbie

      Hi all,

      recently I have implemented a resource adapter for
      an XML database. One of the last remaining problems
      is how to deal with the ManagedConnectionFactoryProperties
      as specified in the jcml file for configuring JBoss.

      Are these supposed to be the same properties
      as specified in ra.xml (<config-property> elements)?

      This is how I interpreted them, but this does not seem
      to work, i.e. JBoss will not set them to their
      configured values. Instead, the values chosen in
      ra.xml are always used.

      I specified the following properties
      (I also tried ";" separation, to no avail):


      Am I supposed to deal with these properties in a
      special way in my resource adapter code (i.e.
      differently from the way config-properties are

      Thanks in advance

      --Mark Polman--