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    Startupscript for JBoss with Catalina

    Gunnar Kalb Newbie

      i want to start the integrated Version
      (JBoss-2.4.4_Tomcat-4.0.1) via /etc/init.d at

      I use SuSe 7.3 and tried out some Startup-Scripts
      from other postings, but they seem to be RedHat-Related
      (don't work).

      Is there anybody with the same (or similar) setup and has
      a running startupscript?

      I tried to modify the downloaded script for my setup,
      but i'm not familiar with Shell-Programming :-(

      Thanks a lot


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          James Hicks Newbie

          Attacthed is a modified version of a file I found in the mail archives. It will work on Slackware.

          Put the attached file into your $JBOSS_HOME/bin directory and rename it to jbossctl.sh. Run 'chmod 0755 jbossctl.sh' as root. This makes the file executable.

          Update the following variables in the jbossctl.sh file:

          JBOSSHOME : the base directory of jboss. Should include the bin,lib and deploy directorys

          JAVAPATH : the path to the java executable

          JBOSSSH : the startup file ( including full path ) for jboss ( either run.sh or run_with_tomcat.sh )

          udpate your system startup script ( on slackware its : /etc/rc.d/rc.local ) by adding the following lines of code:

          ### JBoss/Tomcat ###
          if [ -x /usr/local/jboss/bin/jbossctl.sh ] ; then
          /usr/local/jboss/bin/jbossctl.sh start

          change the '/usr/local/jboss/bin/' to the path of the bin directory for jboss.
          If you are running and databases that JBoss will depend on, start them before JBoss. Also if you are integrated with apache, start apache before jboss/tomcat.

          James Hicks