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    AJAX4JSF + RichFaces + JSF settings in Eclipse j2ee Europa I

    Syed Muhammad Ali Naqvi Newbie

      I am new to Eclipse. But I want to develop my JSF + RichFaces + AJAX Application on Eclipse JEE Europa IDE. So Please tell me the whole procedure that how can I develop my JSF + Richfaces + AJAX application on eclipse. And I want to use Tomcat as my Web Server.

      I also want that Eclipse should automatically deploy the war file on given address. How this action can happen that what is the setting of making a "war" file of JSF project everytime we build our project. And It should automatically deploy it to the specific address.
      I hope that I have made my question clear.

      I don't know that I am posting the question in right forum or not. So If I am wrong please tell me but also give solution of my problem.