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    IOException on startup ... OILServerILService



      I just installed JBoss3.0alpha on my RedHat 7.1 machine with Sun's jdk1.3.1.02. I copied tools.jar from the jdk's lib to ~jboss/lib/ext. Running run.sh didn't generate any exceptions and I was encouraged by that. However upon trying to connect to port 8090 I'm getting the following from STDOUT:

      [14:59:03,028,OILServerILService] IOException occured. Cannot initialize the OILServerILService.

      ...and I don't know if this is critical or not, but there were a number of places where run.sh said it couldn't find a particluar UCL resource. For example:

      [14:56:38,523,Default] Did not find the UCL resource org/jboss/jetty/mbean.properties

      So what I got in my browser was 3 funky ASCII characters:


      ...and that' it.

      For what it's worth, I've attached STDOUT from run.sh.

      Any suggestions on how to get this working?