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    JPDA Debugging query

    Neale Swinnerton Newbie


      I'm running JBoss up and connecting to it with a Debugger
      (JSwat in this case). I am experiencing random hangs
      during startup. Sometimes it comes up ok and I can attach
      the debugger to it, sometimes it hangs deploying
      something. It doesn't seem to always be the same thing it
      hangs deploying.

      Attached is the output on my console. When it hangs I sent
      a SIGQUIT to get a stackdump. It looks like it's blocked
      in UnifiedClassLoader.loadClassLocally() (line 100,
      uptodate CVS), which is a call to super.loadClass()

      So anyone else seeing this? Should I be using different
      JAVA_OPTS ?

      Any help would be much appreciated.:-)

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          Neale Swinnerton Newbie

          Oops, Forgot to say that after the hang If I send SIGTERM (Ctrl + C), I get just this...

          12:12:05,263 INFO [Server] Shutting down all services
          12:12:05,266 INFO [Default] Shutting down
          12:12:05,268 INFO [ServiceController] Stopping 50 services
          12:12:05,348 INFO [HypersonicDatabase] Stopping

          Since the loadClassLocally() in the stack trace is also in
          Hypersonic, I'm guessing that something in Hypersonic
          triggers this problem