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    Jetty or Jboss bug : Web Application Classloader problem wit

    Pierre CARION Newbie


      Version number : Jboss 2.4.4 Jetty 3.1.3-1

      Context :
      * I've got a servlet, which instanciates a utility class
      * this class performs a ResourceBundle.getBundle() call
      * this class is packaged in a jar file

      Scenario 1:
      * This jar file is packaged in the war file (WEB-INF/lib)

      Works fine

      Scenario 2:
      * I want to deploy a MBEAN in JBoss which also use this
      utility class
      * the jar file is put in a directory which is added in
      the classpath through the ClassPathExtension mechanism
      in jboss.conf

      Servlet doesn't work anymore

      * After instanciation of the utility class, I print
      its classloader
      * in scenario 1 : the classloader is a
      * in scenario 2 : the classloader is a
      org.jboss.Main$NullURLsMlet , which can't resolve
      my ResourceBundle.getBundle() call

      This behavior seems to violate the servlet
      specification : SRV.9.7.2

      Everything works fine with Tomcat