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    jboss 3.0 alpha - Installation problem

    leo yu Newbie

      I just downloaded jboss3.0 alpha from the web site. Unzip it and run it. During startup, it complains about not able to find ../ext/lib/tools.jar.
      I looked for the tools.jar file in ext/lib but is
      not there. Is there a mistake in the 3.0 alpha build ?
      Is there a more stable version ?


      Here is the error message:

      [13:55:25,618,ServiceDeployer] Problem deploying url file:/home/jboss/jboss-3.0.
      0alpha/lib/ext/tools.jar, no valid service.xml file found.
      java.io.FileNotFoundException: /home/jboss/jboss-3.0.0alpha/lib/ext/tools.jar (N
      o such file or directory)
      at java.io.FileInputStream.open(Native Method)
      at java.io.FileInputStream.(FileInputStream.java:64)
      at sun.net.www.protocol.file.FileURLConnection.connect(FileURLConnection
      at sun.net.www.protocol.file.FileURLConnection.getInputStream(FileURLCon
      at java.net.URL.openStream(URL.java:798)
      at org.jboss.deployment.DeployerMBeanSupport.getLocalCopy(DeployerMBeanS