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    How to configure JBoss to use proxy ?

    Toni Penttinen Newbie


      Version: Jboss 2.44 with catalina 4.1dev

      I have ear file and i have disable validateDTD attribute on jboss.jcml.

      But problem is that it still tries to validate application xml against sun dtd and if there is no connection available to sun deployment hangs until connection to sun website is restored.

      This won't occur with war or jar files only with ear package deployment.

      Anyway i try to get workaround on this to set local proxy where all of these external dtd will be locally fetched instead going out of sun pages.

      i have been trying to set it as an command line
      java -Dhttp.proxyHost=proxyhost

      No success so far. Could anyone help me on this.

      Regards, Toni