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    Verifier broken in JBoss 3.0 Beta?

    Alan Treadway Newbie

      Hi all

      I've just recently downloaded JBoss 3.0 Beta and I'm having a few problems :(

      When attempting to run the Verifier (and other admin tools for that matter!) using the .BAT files in the bin/ directory of the ZIP binary distribution, I get a ClassNotFoundException for org.jboss.admin.verifier.Main

      Noticing that the BAT files appear to add ../classes to the classpath (and that the classes directory was missing), I downloaded the source distribution & built the classes directory - I then proceeded to copy this into the binary distribution directory...

      I then get a ClassNotFoundException for a different class. The other JAR files referenced in the BAT file aren't actually in the location specified (i.e. lib), and I can't even find jta-spec1_0_1.jar within the distribution :(

      After modifying the BAT to reference the right locations for the JAR's, I'm now getting the message "Could not find the language package!"

      1) Am I missing something vital from my JBoss 3.0 beta installation?
      2) Is the binary distribution complete?
      3) What should I do in order to enable the verifier (and other admin tools) to work correctly?

      Thanks in advance,
      Alan Treadway
      Emorphia Limited