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    JBoss 3.0 Beta MainDeployer Bug?

    Todd Newbie


      My ear file contains a common.jar which is referenced in the manifest of my EJBModule.jar. The MainDeployer is unable to find common.jar in the tmp\deploy directory rather than the file it created called 72.common.jar???? Here's the specific error message:

      10:42:50,440 INFO [MainDeployer] Deploying: file:/C:/jboss_dist/jboss/deploy/igistix.ear
      10:42:50,520 INFO [EARDeployer] Init J2EE application: file:/C:/jboss_dist/jboss/deploy/igistix.ear
      10:42:51,081 INFO [MainDeployer] Deploying: file:/C:/jboss_dist/jboss/tmp/deploy/73.EJBModule.jar
      10:42:51,131 WARN [MainDeployer] The manifest entry in file:/C:/jboss_dist/jboss/tmp/deploy/73.EJBModule.jar references URL file:/C:/jboss_dist/jboss/tmp/deploy/common.jar which could not be opened, entry ignored
      10:42:51,582 ERROR [EJBDeployer] Verfiy failed
      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/bluestem/igistix/server/classes/CategoryBean