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    JBoss and MS Proxy client

    Shreedhar Newbie

      I have MS Proxy client installed in my machine. I am unable to run JBoss with MS Proxy Client enabled.

      MS proxy client when enabled blocks ports like 1099, 4444 etc. Ultimately when jboss starts there is jvm bind exception in these ports.

      Anybody facing similar problem.

      very much Frustrating !!!

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          Ron Jawanda Novice

          Yes I did.
          I changed my port to 1098 and it worked ok.
          If you do a search in the jboss directory (toplevel) you will find the .xml files that contain the port.
          Change them all to 1098 and it will startup ok.
          You must however change all your clients to 1098 as well.
          Don't know if this helps you at all.