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    Unpacked deployment in 3.0 beta2

    Erik Turesson Novice

      Is it possible to have an unpacked ear in Jboss 3.0beta2 and get it deployed in the same way as if it was not unpacked?

      I have created a directory structure similar to the ear file. I have named the directories like, application.ear and application.war. But it is still not deployed. I have read an other post in this topic about the directory structure and I am complying to the answer in that topic.

      Is it possible to have partialy unpacked ear files deployed?
      What I am thinking of is that I whant to have the war part of my ear file unpacked and the ejb/jar parts not unpacked.

      What I whant to achive is to have an upload function where I can add jsp files to my application/war dynamicaly.