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    Run catalina/Tomcat under JBoss beta 3.0

    stinger Newbie

      If you download the latest beta JBoss3.0, you need do more thing to do to run catalina as embed service.
      All the service is under $JBOSS_HOME/deploy, so do catalina. you can find a file "tomcat4-service.sar", use jar -xvf --- to uncompress it, then you will see a folder META-INF, enter and edit jboss-service.xml, change first line catalina home to your catalina home, and uncommented line <!-- ajp connector--> then save it, regenerate tomcat4-service.sar. run run.sh /run.bat under bin, JBoss will auto deploy these service and start it .. Do not like Jboss 2.~, no /conf/catalina/jboss.jcml need . no run_with_catalina.sh .

      I took a look at EmbeddedCatalinaSx class, it look only support few attribute, config /port / connectortype / minprocesses /maxprocessor .