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    petstore patch problem

    Paul Baker Newbie

      anyone know where I can get a copy of jboss-jps-patch.zip ? Its the patch file for building petstore 1.1.2.

      I'm working through the pdf SAMs book JBOSS administration and development. They have supplied the example source, but not the petstore patch. The patch they talk about supplies a build.xml file with a project
      name of "JPS Build Master". I have found the petstore-1.1.1-patch.zip, and the jps112-01.zip, but neither of these have the proper setup xml files for the petstore. I have even pulled the cvs source down to see if its in there with no luck.

      Thanks in advance

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          Yin Tse Newbie

          Where did you download the other patches you found ? I couldn't even find them. Please post the links, your help is much appreciated.

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            Paul Baker Newbie

            Heres a link to those older patch files:


            I found the link (above) by searching through the forum messages. Neither of these patch files were similar to the one depicted in the pdf documentation (flashline.com $9.99), and I had started trying to build the classpath to make it compile... ie add a jar, build again to see what is missing the next time around.

            Then someone from jboss sent me a patch file whose name matched the pdf version of the name, which got me so far as to build and deploy using Ant with no errors. However, the scripts mentioned in the pdf (pg 373) that are used to start jboss with the configuration and classpath changes specific to petstore were not included in that patch. Sent a msg about this to the person who sent me the patch, so maybe I'll get a patch that matches the pdf documentation.

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              John Heath Newbie

              I have got the Sams book. I have used the book's jps release and applied their patch. But there does not seem to be any run_petstore.bat or run_petstore.sh on the disk with the book. Do you know where I could find these or other info to get petstore running ? Thanks John

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                Yin Tse Newbie

                Just do the 1.1.2 patch on the jps 1.1.2 full version that u can download from the link above, then run the build.bat in the folder : jps-1_1_2-full\src\petstore\src. You can then copy the petstore.ear to your jboss deploy or add a deploy target to your build.xml. Hope this helps.

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                  Yin Tse Newbie

                  Oh I forgot to ask. Could you post the patch that you received by email from the jboss employee. I think that could be helpful to everyone working on the petstor example. Thanks.

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                    Paul Flateby Newbie


                    I got around the problem by making a copy of the run_with_tomcat.bat file (that I suppose you find in your jboss/bin dir) and renaming it to run_petshop.bat. In the renamed batch file I changed the argument on the last line from tomcat to petstore (as shown):
                    .\run.bat petstore

                    Works fine for me. :-)