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    problem in running jboss2.44_tomcat4.01 need help

    jawwad Newbie

      I was trying to run jboss2.4.4_tomcat4.01
      i set classpath as
      c:\jboss\jboss\bin:>set jboss_dist=c:\jboss\jboss
      c:\jboss\jboss\bin:>set java_home=c:\jdk1.3
      c:\jboss\jboss\bin:>set tomcat_home=c:\jboss\catalina
      it gives in first two lines
      syntax error
      syntax error
      then after many line it write in the last line it write:
      [INFO,Default] JBoss-2.4.4 Started in 0m:17s.740

      but it display no servlet page
      exception is thrown on the prompt.Please help.