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    Undeployment upon Shutdown

    Chris Williamson Newbie

      I am installing a web application that keeps settings stored inside the web application. These settings may be updated dynamically. They can then be stored in the web application structure (or somewhere else). These settings files are located in the web application to make the deployment of the app easier. This way you don't have to worry about some outside directory existing. You know the directory exists because you provide it in the web application.

      When I deploy this application using a war file by placing it in the deploy directory, it deploys perfectly. However, when JBoss shuts down (or something bad happens) the web app is undeployed and all the changes to any files in the web app are lost.

      Is there a good way to prevent this. I thought maybe I could write a new deployer or something but I would prefer not to if there is a solution already available.

      Please advise and thank you for your help.