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    comparing jvm speeds

    john m flinchbaugh Newbie

      i'm running jboss 2.4.4 on my p3-600 linux laptop, and i've recently started trying ibm jvm's instead of blackdown's.
      here are my startup times. i was all excited about ibm 1.3.0, then noticed a 1.3.1 was out. ibm 1.3.1 is slow! does anyone know what i'm missing here, or what happened?
      i confirmed in the logs that i'm running the jvm and tools.jar i expected. i have a couple apps, an external oracle ds, and 3 local postgres ds's configured in.

      start up times:
      blackdown 1.3.1: ~45s
      ibm 1.3.0: ~20s
      ibm 1.3.1: ~45s