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    Timeout of SF Session bean

    Ian Hunter Newbie

      Good folks,
      We're having real trouble with 'not found serial file' when trying to re-use a SFSB. We're in 'PANIC' mode over this.

      Q1: Is there something obvious to provide a fix.
      Q2: If not, is there a righteous way to check the EJBObject before calling methods? I've implemented a quick fix (still not tested) where I call a dummy method on the object, catch the exception and renew the bean if necessary.

      Here are facts...
      1. Using 2.4.4 with Jetty and using the HttpSession to hold instance to SFSB. As far as config is concerned, I'm using defaults for anything related to caching policy/timeouts (both JBoss & Jetty).
      2. Stateful vars are public (but the context is private)
      3. After a 'long' time (overnight - much longer than indicated in the times for cache stuff for container); the serial file has disappeared. If we attempt to call the bean after ejbPassivate() [>30 mins since last access], then its OK.
      4. This is the only SF SB - all others are SLSB's
      5. The bean contains Home refs for other beans which I implement as transient privates and reconstitute on ejbActivate and ejbCreate if necessary. Is this dodgy?

      Hope I've provided enough details.

      Many Thanks for any help