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    Here's a simple working example for JBoss-2.4.4

    Tom Newbie

      Like many of the folks here, I've been struggling to get simple examples assembled and working. Well, I finally found enough clues to get what I consider to be a usable example, so feel free to grab this and use it. It's just a simple stateless session bean, so don't expect too much of it. :-)

      I'm certain it can be further generalized and improved, so feel free to add comments and suggestions to this thread.

      One note: I had to copy the jndi.properties files from JBoss's client directory in order to get the client to connect; it isn't a file I just made up on my own.

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          Tom Newbie

          Heh, already had to update this. The first example didn't generate javadocs for the client, and used the .ear file for its class defs. Sloppy me!

          Anyway, you'll need ant 1.4.1, and a recent XDoclet to build this example. What I like about it is that there's only one source file for the example bean, and one source file for the client. The home and remote interfaces are generated by xdoclet and compiled. Also, the client jar is constructed correctly for use by clients. And finally, the bean and client both produce javadocs.

          Hope this is useful to someone.