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    jboss tomcat 4 bundle - examples,manager, root, etc

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      I know there are quite a few guys brought some similar questions, just to make sure ?

      I used the jboss 2.4.4 tomcat 4.0.1 bundle. The jboss portion is running fine.

      I like to see the default tomcat webapps - examples, manager, root,tomcat-docs, webdav and could not do it out of box. After reading some stuff in the forum , I deploy each of these in a war file and then it works on examples, root, tomcat-docs. It did not work on the manager ( anyone know how to deploy the manager servlet ? ) and I have not tried the webdav.

      My question is "Do you need to re-build the war file even you just want to add a static html file ". I try but it did not work. On the standalone tomcat 4 installation, it does not need to do that. Just to make sure I am not doing something stupid . Anyone can drop a line ?