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    Deploying my packaged jar in 2.4.4

    Mark Kent Newbie

      I apologize for asking such a basic question, but I have a packaged jar file (cl.jar) that I can put in webfolder that will deploy without errors. If I try to access the beans inside of it, though, I don't see them. I'm sure I have to add something to the web.xml file to "reference" the jar, but I'm a novice on the contents of that file.

      MY app will work if I place the unpackaged contents in the deploy/myapp.war/WEB-INF/classes folder -- everythign works like it should. However, I'd like to use the packaged jar. What simple entry(s) do I need in the web.xml to effect this?


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          Mark Kent Newbie

          I'm still trying to figure this out. I;m sur this is a simple question that "someone" out there can answer...

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            Kristopher Schmidt Newbie

            as a wild newbie guess I'd say try putting the jar file in the lib directory of the war file... If that doesn't work there's a way by packaging the application in an ear file and having the manifest.mf of the war file have a Class-Path: myjarfile.jar line (with a return after the line). Then place myjarfile.jar in the root directory of the ear file with the war file, so that the contents of the jar become a "downloadable" extension of the war file. I may be way off but as noone responded I thought a guess would be better than nothing.