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    Multiple War deploys with single ear

    ben Newbie

      Has Anyone used a single ear in conjunction with mutliple war files. At present in my deploy directory, I have my ear and two separate wars. Is there additional configuration settings that I may need to set? Both war's run with the ear when it is just one war and the ear in the deploy. When I add the second ear, problems occur. Regardless of which war I start accessing first, the second one can not find its class files. The war I access first, runs perfectly. The second war brings up its first page, but then as soon as it uses a .class file, it breaks.
      [Default] Error creating Action instance for path '/LogonScreen', class name 'oscoj.web.LogonSaveFilterByProfileOnKeyAction'
      [Default] java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
      [EmbeddedTomcatServiceSX] 2002-04-11 12:11:04 - Ctx( /oscoj ): 500 R( /oscoj + /LogonScreen.do + null) No action instance for path /LogonScreen could be created
      Is the error that I receive in the server log.
      Now the war deploys just fine when it is just with the ear. Adding the second war is what is causing this... indirectly?
      If anyone has any input, ideas or answers, any help is appreciated.