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    Can't Compile my simple Example... HELP!

    Matías Hernán Salvador Newbie

      My directory structure is (in a Solaris):

      Inside /interest, I have:
      /etc (build.xml)
      /META-INF (ejb-jar.xml)
      /src (my source directory, all my codes)
      /classes (my destination directory)

      I've installed ANT, J2EE, and JBOSS, I set all the environment variables but, when i try to compile my build, it appears:
      Buildfile: build.xml


      [javac] Compiling 4 source files to /desarr/java/myprojects/interest/classes


      /desarr/java/myprojects/interest/etc/build.xml:17: Reference local_classpath not


      Total time: 2 seconds

      Do you have any idea what am i putting wrong in my build.xml? Is there anything missing? I'm not working with Tomcat yet... I just want to make a simple example work...

      Thank You very much, need any help ASAP!!