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    Facelets problem


      I don't know if I am on the correct forum... If so let's make my question:

      I write a facelet that uses a rich:modalPanel and I want to use it as a facelet taglib. So I wrote a facelet taglib definition using <facelet-taglib> tag in a xml file. I added a reference to that file in web.xml using <context-param>. But when I want to use my tag in some template like this <ba:myTag myProperty="something" />, with the correct namespace defined in my taglib definition file, I am getting this error: prefix not bound to a namespace. I was following this tutorial: http://johnderinger.wordpress.com/2007/10/11/building-facelet-components/.

      Have anyone a ideia what to do to solve the problem?


      Lourival Junior.

      PS: If I'm not in the correct forum please redirect me to the correct one.