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    problem running jboss2.4.5RC1 after installation

    Los Morales Newbie


      I'm new to JBoss and have just recently downloaded the 2.4.5RC1 version for windows. After unpacking it and configuring my windows environment variables, I tried to run it from the JBoss2.4.5.RC1\bin directory. Initialization seemed to start out ok until it reached:

      [INFO,Default] Server.run/init: java.sql.SQLException: File input/output error:
      [INFO,HypersonicDatabase] Database started
      [INFO,HypersonicDatabase] Started
      [INFO,DefaultDS] Starting
      [INFO,XAPoolDataSource] Creating XA Pool
      [INFO,DefaultDS] XA Connection pool DefaultDS bound to java:/DefaultDS

      When it hits the line "XA Connection pool .... java:/DefaultDS", the program just hangs.

      I'm not sure what the problem is since I've read from the DOCs that it should run fine right out of the box.

      Do I need to do some initial configuration to make it run properly?

      Thanks in advance.