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    viewing jsps w catalina requires jarring?

    Kristopher Schmidt Newbie

      I am running a newly installed version of jboss-2.4.4 with embedded tomcat 4.0.1. I can deploy jar/war/ear applications no problem as long as they are under jboss/deploy, where it appears that everything must be placed (the catalina webapps directory doesn't seem anyhow accessible, even though by some posts it seems like earlier versions of tomcat 3 did run applications from tomcat directories). My question is if it's necessary to jar up jsp files in order to deploy them to be viewed, or whether there's some sort of configuration that will allow jsp files to be compiled and shown without the cumbersome jarring process. I know Jetty integration supports deploying an application in jetty.conf and viewing jsps without jarring them, and Catalina standalone allows deployment of applications that are not in jar/war/ear files, so it seems reasonable that JBoss/Catalina might support that, I just can't figure out how. Thanks for any help.