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    Classes from the wrong jars loaded

    Marcel Newbie

      Maybe it's me but suppose I have two files deployed: a .war containing a web-app and a .jar containing EJBs and the deployment is done in two seperate files (so no fancy ear's or something), shouldn't the .war NOT see the classes in the .jar. The problem specifically: My .war contains a class a.b.c.MyClass, the .jar contains this class too, when the war tries to load the class a.b.c.MyClass it finds the one from the .jar, not the one stuck in the wars WEB-INF/lib. This is just checking that I'm not going crazy (took me a few hours this one) before posting a bug-report.

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          Lior Tal Newbie

          I have exactly the same problem. I'm working with JBoss 3.0.
          I've noticed that restarting the JBoss after changing the a.b.c.MyClass and deploying one of the modules (war or jar) will fix the problem. I know it's not a practical solution (restarting the server each time a changed is done in a util class).
          Did you find a better solution for it?