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    Problems with combined JBoss & Jetty

    Fredrik Karlsson Newbie

      I recently downloaded and installed the JBoss and Jetty-package (the most recent nonbeta).
      I seem to have some problems getting the two to work "together".
      This is my directory structure:
      JBOSS: jboss-jetty\jboss
      Jetty: \jboss-jetty\jetty and \jboss-jetty\jetty-jmx

      When I run "jboss-jetty\jboss\bin\run jetty" as described in the HTML-doc. of JBoss I get error 404 when trying to use localhost:8080. However if I start only the jetty using \jboss-jetty\jetty\bin\jetty it seems to work nicely.

      How do I get JBoss and Jetty to work together?
      Should I use a different directory structure?