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    Problem building 3.0 RC1 from scratch

    Alarik Myrin Newbie

      Hi --

      I got the new JBoss 3.0RC1 from cvs and attempted a build, but have encountered a problem. The source was downloaded into a completely empty directory with the following command:

      cvs -z3 co -r Branch_3_0 jboss-all

      then, since I am running in linux, I change to jboss-all/build and execute ./build.sh

      things go fine until I get the following message:

      /home/alarik/jboss/3.0/jboss-all/server/build.xml:356 Failed to launch JJTree: java.io.IOException: java: cannot execute

      By modifying a couple of ant source files, I have managed to get a more descriptive stack trace, which I have attached. It appears to be an IOException when trying to execute the following command:

      java -Dinstall.root=/home/alarik/jboss/3.0/jboss-all/thirdparty/sun/javacc/lib -classpath /home/alarik/jboss/3.0/jboss-all/thirdparty/sun/javacc/lib/JavaCC.zip COM.sun.labs.jjtree.Main -OUTPUT_DIRECTORY:/home/alarik/jboss/3.0/jboss-all/server/output/parsers/org/jboss/ejb/plugins/cmp/ejbql /home/alarik/jboss/3.0/jboss-all/server/src/main/org/jboss/ejb/plugins/cmp/ejbql/JBossQLParser.jjt

      What is really odd is that I have no trouble executing this very command from the command prompt directly after the build fails.

      I don't suppose that (a) this is happening to anyone else, or (b) anyone has any ideas how to get around this?

      Any help would be appreciated.