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    JBOSS Multiple Instances

    shail Newbie

      I am new to JBOSS.
      Platforms I am using: J2EE, Jboss 2.2.2, MS SQL server

      I have two sets of the application one for development and one for testing.
      How should I configure JBOSS to run these two sets?
      is it possible to run multiple instances of JBOSS on one machine which are pointing to different databases and different .ear's?

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          Wellie Chao Newbie

          Yep. I do it with JBoss 3.0 beta. I'd recommend you make a copy of the jboss directory tree and then modify several conf files. I don't know what they are with 2.2.2. If you use 3.0 beta, you need to modify three files under conf/default:


          You just need to change the port settings so the two instances of JBoss don't conflict. The principle is the same for JBoss 2.2.2, but I don't know the specific files.

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            shail Newbie

            Thanks for immediate Reply.
            I found standardjboss.xml and auth.conf but couldnt find jboss-service.xml

            Can I run both JBOSS instances as different Windows Services?


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              shail Newbie

              I found it.
              I changed port settings for the following files and it worked


              dont ask me why i changed these files. but it worked.