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    JBoss and firewalls

    Thorsten Klusemann Newbie


      we want to access JBoss from a server that is located in our Firewall (DMZ). To make this possible, we configured the firewall to open ports 1099 and 4444 for connection.
      After out first test we saw that JBoss uses another port 32771 which changes every time JBoss is restarted.

      Question: How to configure JBoss to use always the same port? (In documentation this port is called "anonymous").



      Thorsten Klusemann

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          Brian Hogue Newbie

          We have our production JBoss servers behind a firewall so we knew we had to open up 1099 and 4444. What we didn't realize is there is a third port spun off that the client connects back to that appeared to be random. This created a big problem for us because we couldn't just open up a big range of ports on our firewall to accommodate this behavior. After some digging we found we could statically define that port by adding the following attribute name tag to the jboss.jcml file.